What is Pawsitive Renewal?  Pawsitive Renewal Box?

What is Pawsitive Renewal? Pawsitive Renewal Box?

We're glad you're here. At the risk of repeating the "Our Story" page, Pawsitive Renewal and the Pawsitive Renewal Subscription Box were born out of the shocking realization of the mental health crisis that is epidemic to Veterinary Medicine. Especially for DVM Women. The irony is that it's only "shocking" to those not in Veterinary Medicine. Those who care for animals professionally know the stress well, and intimately.

The Pawsitive Renewal Subscription Box isn't going to solve this problem, but it can help lighten the load. That's our goal; to bring some joy and happiness into your day and give you something fun to look forward to.

Hitting the Paws Button is where we will share any new self care ideas, strategies that you've shared with us, or other articles we've found that might be useful to you in your self care journey. We hope you'll visit often!


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