Do you start your day with Self Care?

Do you start your day with Self Care?

Often, the way we start the day can set the tone for how we handle the rest of the day. Intentionally investing in a little self care in the morning can pay dividends as your work day rolls on. If you can swing getting up 15 minutes earlier than normal, try trying out some of these ideas to see if they're a fit for you. If you find this helpful, we would love to know. Tag us on Instagram @pawsitiverenewal

1.Have that cuppa.

Make time to savor your morning beverage. Coffee for us, thanks, but whether you have yours iced, hot, or somewhere in between, linger and enjoy. 

2. Read or Listen.

Spend 15 minutes reading, or listening to an audio book, podcast, or playlist. It could be inspirational, professional, or fictional, but close your eyes and focus on what you're hearing with no distractions. Or keep them open and DANCE!

3. Check in with a Friend.

In a world where the text is king, how about an actual phone call?  Making time for a 15 minute real time, voice to voice conversation can be the dopamine boost that puts a smile on your face for the rest of your day. Send your friend a text the night before and ask if they have have time for a 15 minute chat the next morning.


Water, water, water! Start the day with at least one glass, two if you can manage it. A gallon water bottle with time markers helps us take in the recommended daily amount. This is our favorite and it comes in lots of colors! (This is not an affiliate link and we receive no compensation.)

5. Move it, move it...

We love the idea of getting up and running a mile before coffee, but that's not our speed. Yoga, walking, even just stretching all counts. Do whatever works for where you are.

We hope these simple, but tried and true self care suggestions are helpful! 

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